Meet Our Consultants

  • Aditi K.
  • Amanda C.
    Tip: Utilize a planner effectively by writing down all your assignments, exam dates, and other activities to keep in mind your short and long term goals.
  • Ami M.
  • Annie S.
  • Benjamin G.
    Tip: For big tests, begin studying smaller sections of material a week beforehand–it will make reviewing lots of material much easier and quicker the days before the exam.
  • Chris S.
  • Cristina R.
  • Daniel L.
  • David W.
    Tip: Build habits that prioritize studying – There is research to suggest that exercising self-control can drain us as the day goes on.
  • Dorothy C.
    Tip: When taking notes, it’s helpful to create study questions to go back to later (Who/What/Where/When/Why)
  • Efosa A.
    Tip: Whenever you are studying, time yourself. You’ll realize how much time you spend studying and how much time you spend ‘studying.’
  • Emily V.
  • Gabriella R.
    Tip: Always outline major concepts first before you begin and add in details later.
  • Gina D.
    Tip: Try turning off your cell phone and logging out all social media accounts while studying doing homework /when in class.
  • Grace K.
    Tip: Have timed study sessions as well as breaks. Get off your phone or social media during that time of studying!
  • Jasmine L.
    Tip: I believe the key to success in college is to effectively plan out homework and study time. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE! Set aside time to study each subject almost every day to keep up with the material.
  • Jenn Su
  • Jenny S.
    Tip: Make your own notes that only you can understand. Play hard and study hard is possible when you learn to manage your time wisely!
  • Juliann S.
  • Justin K.
  • Kyla P.
  • Maddy A.
    Tip: When completing textbook reading assignments, always read with a pen/highlighter in your hand – it keeps you focused on the task you are doing and also more apt to write and/or highlight important material.
  • Michael W.
    Tip: Follow the 50/10 rule (50 minute study session, 10 minutes break). Get a perfect 10!
  • Milan P.
  • Monica S.
  • Morris M.
  • Natalie Q.
    Tip: Put any deadlines or exam dates into your planner the moment you learn of them! This will give you time to not only study effectively, but also be prepared for any changes.
  • Samantha G.
  • Sathvik N.
    Tip: Set a bold, but attainable goal every day and work to achieve it.