2020 Phi Beta Kappa Virtual Induction Ceremony

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will not hold an in-person ceremony this spring.

Welcome inductees, family, and friends to the 2020 Phi Beta Kappa Virtual Induction Ceremony! Phi Beta Kappa celebrates and advocates excellence in the liberal arts and sciences. Its campus chapters invite for induction the most outstanding arts and sciences students at America’s leading colleges and universities.

Each spring, the committee meets to elect its new members, evaluating graduating students on their dedication to learning, willingness to challenge themselves, and their high cumulative GPA. We congratulate those students from Johns Hopkins that have proven they earn this distinction.

Greetings from the Dean of KSAS

Dr. Beverly Wendland
James B. Knapp Dean
Krieger School of Arts and Sciences

Hello. I so wish we could be together in person to honor this year’s inductees to Phi Beta Kappa, the oldest and most prestigious of all honor societies. Special thanks to Professor Bill Leslie for arranging this virtual ceremony.

I could not be more proud of this year’s inductees. You stand among the best and brightest liberal arts and sciences undergraduates in the country. Whether from the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences, the Whiting School of Engineering, the Bloomberg School of Public Health, the School of Advanced International Studies, or the School of Medicine, you have distinguished yourselves with both outstanding academic achievement and by demonstrating the lifelong curiosity and creativity that define Phi Beta Kappa members everywhere.

Being selected as a Phi Beta Kappa member is an exceptionally high honor reserved for a very few. Throughout your life, it will attest to your diligence and achievements while at Hopkins, and announce to others some measure of the breadth and depth of your caliber and capacity.

Freedom of inquiry and expression are the hallmarks of Phi Beta Kappa, and you are not only well prepared to demonstrate these, but also ready to practice them, as evidenced by the bold investigations you have undertaken while here. When you recite the initiation pledge, you will commit to “scholarship of a high order” and “the ethics of a scholar.” This places you among Phi Beta Kappa’s 500,000 civic and business leaders, scientists and researchers, artists and athletes, activists and philanthropists, technology innovators, and trailblazers in all walks of life. And in these harrowing times, we need you more than ever.

I am confident that you will contribute to our world in ways we cannot yet even imagine. That’s because you carry with you a profound intellectual curiosity and love of learning, the courage to ask hard questions and embrace any challenge that may come your way, and the fortitude to enter the sometimes murky unknowns that mark true scholarly inquiry.

As you move on to whatever your next chapter may be, I wish you the very best, and I cannot wait to see where life takes you.


Greetings from the Alpha Chapter of Maryland

Video from Dr. Stuart Leslie

It’s all Greek to us

Video from Dr. Matthew Roller
Vice Dean for Centers & Programs and Grad Education

The Phi Beta Kappa Plaque

Mr. Winston Tabb
Dean of University Libraries

The libraries are pleased to participate in this tradition of acknowledging the scholarly achievements of new members of Phi Beta Kappa at Johns Hopkins.  We would like the recognition of your academic achievements to be an enduring one, and so have inscribed the names of every student elected to Phi Beta Kappa this year on a plaque that we will mount on M level of MSEL – to give high visibility to the honor being bestowed here today.

We know that in both physical and virtual ways, the library has been one of the main resources you have used to create the outstanding record of academic excellence that election to Phi Beta Kappa recognizes.  And so it is fitting that that we should honor this achievement with a plaque in the library.

We hope our libraries – and every other library that you use in the future – demonstrate the critical role of libraries in providing the access to information that is necessary for developing the informed citizens essential for a free society.

The Richard A. Macksey Award

Lauren Bules standing on steps in graduation regalia
Lauren Kishori Bules, 2020 Winner

The Richard A. Macksey Award is given to one undergraduate member whose course of study best embodies the rich and varied challenges of a liberal education at Johns Hopkins. For more than 50 years, Professor Macksey set the standard for the principles of scholarship and ethics of the highest order. The Chapter so honors a graduating junior/senior who has most ardently and meaningfully pursued education at Johns Hopkins in the sense John Dewey had in mind when he deemed education as “not a preparation for life, but life itself.”  The final selection is made by a committee of former PBK presidents and officers, who carefully consider the academic records and nomination letters of the eligible students to reach an always difficult decision. This year the Macksey Award winner is Lauren Kishori Bules. Ms. Bules graduates this May with a double Major from the Neuroscience and French Departments.

Her French Faculty Advisor, Dr. Wilda Anderson shared these thoughts with the committee about Ms. Bules:

“Throughout her career at the Hopkins, Ms. Bules has shown that she makes no distinction between her ongoing learning and her ongoing service and research. She has shown the way for other members of her cohort to shoulder, with equanimity and poise, the responsibility of a life in the medical domains in this, especially now, fraught era of medical research and clinical practice. I would, however, like to bring into consideration a side of Ms. Bules’ work that demonstrates another reason for her particular appropriateness for the Macksey award. Dick Macksey was a humanist in the largest sense of the word: he understood the importance of the humanistic disciplines for developing forms of rigorous and justified critical thinking that not only could be useful in conceptual work in other disciplinary contexts, but which, he always argued, were essential to training and sustaining young scholars and researchers in every field… Her beautiful honors thesis is emblematic, as successful honors theses should be, of the entire scope of her many interests, and it shows how essential each component of her education at the Hopkins has been to the formation of the mind of a young woman who will be a stellar young researcher, clinician, and, whether she would admit it or not, a budding philosopher of medicine and medical practice… In a school with many highly intelligent and motivated students, it is nonetheless remarkable to find a someone whose work and whose aspirations, to such a remarkable extent, combine and take full advantage of all of the aspects of her many interests. Ms. Bules is an admirable young woman who fully deserves your recognition.”

Introduction to Phi Beta Kappa from the National Office

Video from National Office
PowerPoint from National Office

New Members of the Class of 2020

From the Graduating Junior and Senior classes in the School of Arts and Sciences

Ank Agarwal
Alicia Sarah Badea
Kiana Boroumand
Lauren Kishori Bules
Olivia Chan
Kevin Chang
Alyssa Kathryn Chao
Bridget Jane Chen
Hsuan-Wei Chen
Claire Yu-ning Chiang
Jia Yuee Chiao
Joshua Lee Choe
Cole Judah Cooper
John Samuel Cox
Julia Margaret Dickson
Daniel Marcus Doherty
Evan Lawrence Drukker-Schardl
Ejlal Elalaoui
Julia Nicole Flores
Vincent Michael Fumo
Rose Gellman
Shane David Gilligan-Steinberg
Juan Carlos Gomez
Anna Rebecca Gordon
Frankanthony Ciro Guerriero
Heidi Elizabeth Hansen
Allison Claire Hardebeck
Alice He
Elizabeth Helmke
Tianyu Hu
Skylar Jean Hurst
Nora Rani Jandhyala
Jonah C. Kasdan
Adam Avraham Katwan
Bisma Khan
Zoya Khan
Kyungduk Kim
Elizabeth Campbell Knobloch
Sonak Kolar

Francesca Ilise Kroll
Kathy H. Le
Rebecca Zhonghui Lin
Sudgie Liang Ma
Angelamarie G. Malkoun
Lucia F. Massey
David Alejandro Mejia
Xiaoqiang Meng
Sofia Milosavljevic
Fabiola Marie Moreno
Jenna Movsowitz
Elana Rose Neher
Teresa Ng
Edward John Oh
Kristen Hyemin Park
Fiona Pat
Aishwarya Pradeep
Katherine Maria Raja
Lauren Claire Ralph
Riya Rana
Luc Benjamin Renaux
Emily Natacha Sklar
Joy H. Song
Sherry Xuerui Sun
Ariel Dory Swett
Ami P. Tamhaney
Faith Juliana Terry
Isaac Tong
Chia-Chen Tsai
Reah Hayley Vasilakopoulos
Vicky Yi Ting Wang
Caroline N. West
Kevin Hanshi Wu
Natalie Wu
Lanruo Yang
Susan You
Yunting “Mary” Yu
Jiali Zhang

From the Senior Class in the Whiting School of Engineering, Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Camille Garner Bowman
Sehyun Lee

Carly Patricia Lupton-Smith
Dhruw Mukesh Maisuria

From the School of Medicine – MA/PhD candidates

Carley Jeanne Sue Heck
Heidi Anna Morefield

Jing Hui Adeline Yong

From the School of Medicine – MD candidates

Rohan P. Bajaj

From the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies

Arthur Christopher Ackerman
Miranda Bain
Mary Lauren Gilbert
Kayla Ann Marra

Danielle Minnett
Cristina Planter Riebeling
Jonas Präfke
Kyle Innes Thetford

From the Bloomberg School of Public Health

Javier A. Bustos
Sarah Elsayed Elaraby
Naira Kalra
Esther Kim

Pei-Lun Kuo
Guanghao Qi
Francesca Schiaffino Salazar
Yuchen Yang

Alpha of Maryland Chapter

Introduction of President-Elect Dr. Karen Fleming

As outgoing president of the Alpha Chapter of Maryland, it is my pleasure and privilege to introduce you to Professor Karen Fleming, our newly elected president.  Accomplished scientist, passionate advocate, and longtime champion of the liberal arts, Karen embodies the best traditions of Phi Beta Kappa.  A University of Notre Dame undergraduate, Karen double-majored in French and pre-medical studies, spending a year at Université Catholique de l’Ouest studying French language, literature, and culture.  She completed her PhD at Georgetown University in biochemistry and molecular biology, did her post-doctoral fellowships at Yale as an National Institutes of Health fellow, and joined the T.C. Jenkins Department of Biophysics at Johns Hopkins in 2000, where she is now a full professor. 

In additional to her scientific research—she has published nearly 80 papers and counting, and won major scientific awards from the professional societies in her field—Karen has been a tireless and vocal advocate for inclusion and equity in science.  She has been an important mentor to graduate and undergraduate students, and many of them have won national prizes for their research.  Her ‘Empowering Women in STEM’ workshops and its accompanying Women of Hopkins website earned her the university’s Diversity Leadership Council Award in 2015 and 2017 and the Provost’s Prize for Faculty Excellence in Diversity.  She has given invited talks on diversity and equity at other universities and at the largest professional conferences, including the Biophysical Society.  This year, Karen has been named a Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar, a particularly appropriate honor, and will be traveling to other colleges and universities to share her ‘love of learning’ as our motto puts it, with their faculty, students, and the public.

As an elected member of the Homewood Academic Council Karen had upheld the highest standards for tenure, and has been a powerful voice for the importance of excellent undergraduate teaching as a key criterion in our decisions.  Throughout her career, Karen has recognized that the sciences and mathematics are as much the underpinnings of a liberal arts education as literature, philosophy, and music, natural complements to one another.  What better reminder of that could there be than Karen’s “Literature, Science and the Arts Seminar in Biophysics” at the University of Michigan?  I am honored to pass the torch to Karen, an esteemed colleague whose commitment to Johns Hopkins extends beyond the laboratory and the classroom to the vital civic issues of the day. 

Dr. Stuart Leslie

2019-2020 Officers

Dr. Stuart Leslie, President
Video from Dr. Karen Fleming, President-Elect
Dr. Kathleen Sindt, Executive Secretary

Pledge of Initiation

Students, please stand to recite the pledge below, which describes our arcane rights.

“I now affirm my willingness to uphold the ideals and exemplify the principles of the Society – scholarship of a high order and the ethics of a scholar.”

On behalf of the Alpha of Maryland at the Johns Hopkins University chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, we congratulate you and welcome you to our chapter.