Learning Den Tutoring Services

The Learning Den provides tutoring for all registered students in the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences and the Whiting School of Engineering. Tutoring is conducted in small group format, with a maximum of six students in each group.

Tutors review course-specific material and encourage students to ask questions and exchange information. Students should come to tutoring sessions prepared with questions and specific topics that they would like to review. Students can expect to work with other students in the group while the tutor helps to guide them to understanding. Tutoring is not a substitute for class attendance nor is it a place to just do homework. If you need help in a subject, request support early and often.


All tutoring is held in Gilman Hall during afternoon and evening hours, Sunday through Thursday. Check-in is located inside the Hutzler Reading Room in Gilman Hall, at the reception cubicle to the left. The Fall 2018 semester will run from Monday, September 10th – Thursday, December 6th.

The Learning Den is closed during university holidays and weather-related closures. Please refer to the math, physics, or chemistry help room for assistance during other times when Learning Den support is not available. Check with your TA or professor for additional support and office hours.

The schedule below is subject to change. We add extra groups before exams or as existing groups fill up. Check the Learning Den via your JHU portal for the most current information.

Appointments can be made starting Monday, September 10.

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Fall 2018 Schedule

Please note that the three sessions below will be meeting in The Center for Student Success (Homewood Apartments, 3003 N Charles St, Suite 193). Students should check-in The Center for Student Success, and not at Gilman.

  • Monday 8:30pm-10:00pm – Organic Chemistry I (Greenberg)
  • Wednesday 6:00pm-7:30pm – Introduction to Chemistry (Goldberg)
  • Wednesday 7:30pm-9:00pm Discrete Math

Note: there will be no sessions held during fall break weekend and during the Thanksgiving break.

Program Assistants:AshishAngelaJennyAalapHaliegh
Applied Chemical Equilibrium & Reactivity9:00-10:30 w/ Amy L.9:00-10:30 w/ Amy L.
Biochemistry7:30-9:00 w/ Michael C.7:30-9:00 w/ Michael C.
Calculus I (Bio)6:30-8:00 w/ Nora J.6:30-8:00 w/ Nora J.
Calculus I (EN)7:30-9:00 w/ Thomas G.7:30-9:00 w/ Thomas G.
Calculus II (Bio)
Calculus II (EN)9:00-10:30 w/ Thomas G.9:00-10:30 w/ Thomas G.
Calculus III5:30-7:00 w/ Anusha P.5:30-7:00 w/ Anusha P.
Differential Equations8:00-9:30 w/ Shannon L.8:00-9:30 w/ Shannon L.
Discrete Mathematics7:30-9:00 w/ Akaash S. 7:30-9:00 w/ Akaash S.
Econometrics5:30-7:00 w/Craig 5:30-7:00 w/ Craig
Engineering Thermodynamics9:30-11:00 w/ Ashish P.9:30-11:00 w/ Ashish P.
Foundations of Brain, Behavior, Cognition6:00-7:30 w/ Zezhou Z.6:00-7:30 w/ Zezhou Z.
French (Elements/Intermediate)6:30-8:00 w/ Asim D.6:30-8:00 w/ Asim D.
Fundamental of Epidemiology5:00-6:30 w/ Tyler R.5:00-6:30 w/ Tyler R.
Gateway Computing9:00-10:30 w/ Stephanie
General Biology I7:00-8:30 w/ Kai Yu L.7:00-8:30 w/ Kai Yu L.
Genetics8:30-10:00 w/ Giho P.8:30-10:00 w/ Giho P.
German (Elements/Intermediate)5:00-6:30 w/Abigail G.5:00-6:30 w/Abigail G.
International Trade8:30-10:00 w/ Joy W.6:30-8:00 w/ Joy W.
Introduction to Chemical and Biological Process Analysis5:30-7:00 w/ Krishna P.5:30-7:00 w/ Krishna P.
Introductory Chemistry I5:30-7:00 w/ Christine L. (Tolman) 6:00-7:30 w/ Akaash S. (Goldberg)5:30-7:00 w/ Christine L. (Tolman) 6:00-7:30 w/ Akaash S. (Goldberg)
Introduction to Java9:00-10:30 w/ Stephanie
Linear Algebra8:00-9:30 w/ Kaitlyn C.8:00-9:30 w/ Kaitlyn C.
Macroeconomics8:00-9:30 w/ Michell L.8:00-9:30 w/ Michell L.
Microeconomic Theory7:00-8:30 w/ Craig7:00-8:30 w/ Craig
Molecules and Cells7:00-8:30 w/ Bailey R.7:00-8:30 w/ Bailey R.
Neuroscience: Cellular and Systems I7:00-8:30 w/ Shravi L.7:00-8:30 w/ Shravi L.
Organic Chemistry I7:00-8:30 w/ Krishna P. (Townsend) 8:30-10:00 w/ Kai Yu L. (Greenberg)8:30-10:00 w/ Kai Yu L. (Greenberg) 7:00-8:30 w/ Giho P. (Falzone)7:00-8:30 w/ Giho (Falzone)7:00-8:30 w/ Krishna P. (Townsend)
Physics I (EN)8:30-10:30 w/ Trisha P.8:30-10:30 w/ Trisha P.
Physics I (Bio)6:30-8:30 w/Travis6:30-8:30 w/Travis
Physics II (EN)9:00-11:00 w/ Nathaniel M.9:00-11:00 w/ Nathaniel M.
Probability and Statistics for the Biological and Engineering Sciences5:00-6:30 w/Amanda
Public Health Biostatistics6:00-7:30 w/ Qihan Z.6:00-7:30 w/ Qihan Z.
Spanish (Elements/Intermediate)5:30-7:00 w/ Madhura S.5:30-7:00 w/ Madhura S.
Statistical Analysis I7:30-9:00 w/ Cindy Y.7:30-9:00 w/ Cindy Y.