How to Schedule a One-on-one Appointment

As an Arts & Sciences undergraduate you have either a Sr. Academic Advisor or an Academic Advisor/Success Coach. To make an appointment you do not need to know the name of your advisor, however it is helpful to know if your advisor is a Sr. Academic Advisor or an Academic Advisor/Success Coach as our Sr. Academic Advisors use the Advite system, while Academic Advisor/Success Coaches use the Starfish system, to make their appointments.

Instructions are provided below for both systems – if you ONLY see the Study Consulting calendar and not your advisor’s availability then your advisor uses the Starfish system and not the Advite system. You should return to this page and following the instructions below on how to make an appointment with your Academic Advisor/Success Coach via Starfish.

On the date of your appointment, a few minutes before the start time, use this information to access your 1-on-1 meeting Zoom link.

If the time zone you live in does not work with your advisor’s availability as listed in Advite or Starfish, email your advisor to schedule an appointment at a time that works for both of you.

Make an appointment with your Sr. Academic Advisor via Advite

By using Advite you will be routed to your assigned advisor’s calendar automatically. To schedule an appointment on Advite with your assigned Sr. Academic Advisor: 

  1. Use your JHED ID to login into Advite.
  2. Highlight the time-slot you would like to reserve by holding down your mouse button and trace out the time-slot on the calendar itself, or you may use the Reserve Appointment function on the menu.
  3. Enter information in the fields and press Submit.
  4. Your reservation will be added to your advisor’s calendar and we’ll send a confirmation email to your Hopkins email address. A reminder email will also be sent 24 hours prior to your meeting.

Make an appointment with your Academic Advisor/Success Coach via Starfish

To schedule an appointment on Starfish with your assigned Advisor Success Coach: 

  1. Use your JHED ID to log into Blackboard or SIS.
  2. Click the Starfish tab at the top of the page. 
  3. Select the name of your Academic Advisor Success Coach.  
  4. Click on the three dots to the right of the name.
  5. Click schedule and follow the scheduling steps.
  6. If you do not find an appointment time that will work for you due to time zone difference, please email your Academic Advisor Success Coach two or three dates and times that might work for you.

Knowing your FERPA Rights

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a Federal law designed to protect the privacy of a student’s education record and prohibits the university from disclosing information from those records without the written consent of the student.

When you meet with an academic advisor, your advisor will be assuming that you have established the level of privacy in your setting that you want during your advising session. When an additional person is purposefully present during your advising meeting, your advisor may ask you to complete a FERPA Release Form before the advising session may continue. 

For more information, please consult the FERPA website created by the Office of the University Registrar.