Krieger School Academic Advisors and Academic Advisor/Success Coaches are available to their students for one-on-one meetings and are able to meet with their students in-person, as well as, virtually.

To schedule an appointment with your assigned advisor, click the appointment link provided in the list below.

The link will direct you to either their online scheduling calendar or permit you to send an email request to them. If you experience an issue with the appointment booking system, or if the available appointment times do not work for your schedule, please email your advisor/coach for assistance. Once an appointment is set up, you will receive an email confirmation, with the Zoom link you should use if you are meeting virtually. Additionally, you can find your advisor’s virtual room link.

Be sure to review your FERPA Rights, a description of which is provided below the list.

Advisor/EmailAppointment Link
Abram FoxView Abram Fox’s calendar
Aimee KimView Aimee Kim’s calendar
Ami CoxView Ami Cox’s calendar
Carlos AventView Carlos Avent’s calendar
Christine ByrneLink to be provided shortly
Dan FerraraView Dan Ferrara’s calendar
Darryl AllenView Darryl Allen’s calendar
Duane MelzerView Duane Melzer’s calendar
Effy CaoView Effy Cao’s calendar
Erica JamesView Erica James’ calendar
Imani ChiusanoView Imani Chiusano’s calendar
Jessie MartinView Jessie Martin’s calendar
Joan FreedmanView Joan Freedman’s calendar
Juana HollingsworthView Juana Hollingsworth’s calendar
Kara KorabView Kara Korab’s calendar
Karen DesserView Karen Desser’s calendar
Karla ChicasView Karla Chicas’ calendar
Kathie SindtView Kathie Sindt’s calendar
Kelly SingletonView Kelly Singleton’s calendar
Kerica HenlonView Kerica Henlon’s calendar
Kevin JamesView Kevin James’ calendar
Kimberly GrahamView Kimberly Graham’s calendar
Liana MentorRequest an appointment with Dr. Mentor
Liz Wasden OudinView Liz Wasden Oudin’s calendar
Madison DeeganView Madison Deegan’s calendar
Mary RosekransLink to be provided shortly
Meghan BalotView Meghan Balot’s calendar
Nick MazurLink to be provided shortly
Raven Collick (Williams)View Raven Collick’s (Williams) calendar
Rebecca WalshLink to be provided shortly
Rosalia PolancoLink to be provided shortly
Ruth AranowView Ruth Aranow’s calendar
Sage Magness-HillView Sage Magness-Hill’s calendar
Salifu ChamView Salifu Cham’s calendar
Sloane HanleyRequest an appointment with Sloane Hanley
Steve Malvaso Request an appointment with Steve Malvaso
Tamara Harris-ColemanRequest an appointment with Tamara Harris-Coleman
Tanya KooiView Tanya Kooi’s calendar
Tracy GlinkView Tracy Glink’s calendar
Yahellah BestView Yahellah Best’s calendar

Knowing your FERPA Rights

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a Federal law designed to protect the privacy of a student’s education record and prohibits the university from disclosing information from those records without the written consent of the student.

When you meet with an academic advisor, your advisor will be assuming that you have established the level of privacy in your setting that you want during your advising session. When an additional person is purposefully present during your advising meeting, your advisor may ask you to complete a FERPA Release Form before the advising session may continue. 

For more information, please consult the FERPA website created by the Office of the University Registrar.