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First-Year Students: Welcome to the Major Workshops and Celebration Event

In partnership with the Life Design Lab and the Krieger Academic Departments, the Krieger Academic Advising Office announces a week of workshops to support First-Year students learn about their newly selected Majors. Between April 17th and April 28th students will be able to participate in scheduled workshops and meet with Life Design Educators and faculty. […]

MSEL is a Resource for Training

The MSE library staff know more than where you can find that reference book you need for a paper. They’re so much more! The MSEL offers FREE training sessions and workshops. Topics range from introductions to tools for statistics, programming, and geospatial research, to trainings on data management and visualization. Let the MSE library staff help […]

Fall 2022 SOUL Classes

Students can now register for a Fall 2022 SOUL class. SOUL classes are small (enrollment 18 or fewer), 1-credit hour courses graded on a Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U-pass/fail) basis and are available to all undergraduate students. To learn more about the classes offered this Fall follow these instructions: Important dates to keep in mind regarding SOUL classes: