Complete the following to ensure a trouble-free graduation.

  • Review your degree audit online to verify your eligibility for graduation. Complete all remaining major/minor requirements in your final semester.
  • Document any exceptions or substitutions to any requirements in degree audit with the director of undergraduate studies in your major or minor.
  • Make sure your full name, major(s), and any minor(s) are correct on your transcript. If anything is incorrect, contact the Office of Academic Advising (OAA) by email, [email protected].
  • Complete at least 120 credits total (126 for BS, physics).
  • Complete all distribution requirements and 12 writing-intensive credits.
  • Earn grades of C- or better in all major/minor courses. (Some majors require a C or higher.)
  • Make sure your transfer, study abroad, and/or advanced placement credits are posted to your transcript. If they are not, contact the OAA.
  • Do not take any incompletes in your final semester. Incompletes will delay graduation.
  • Frequently monitor your Hopkins email. Respond promptly to any graduation issues.
  • Consider whether or not to retake a course. If you do, there may be no net gain in credits. If your resulting grade is lower than the first grade, you may lose credits.  Contact your advisor if you have questions.

If you fail to complete any of the above items, you may not graduate. If you have questions, contact OAA at [email protected] or 410-516-8216. We look forward to celebrating with you in May.

Credit and Semester Requirements

  • Students graduating in less than eight semesters must complete all graduation requirements by the end of the fall or spring semester. Intersession and summer credit may not be used to complete remaining graduation requirements.
  • Graduation requirements can only be completed in the fall or spring semester unless a student has already completed eight full-time semesters. Students must have full-time status in the semester immediately prior to graduation, so you must register for at least 12 credits in the final semester even if all course and credit requirements could be met with less than 12 credits.
  • Students who have completed eight full-time semesters and at least four semesters in residence without completing graduation requirements may stay on for additional semesters to complete graduation requirements on a full-time or part-time basis and may complete requirements in summer session.