How do I send an official transcript to the Office of Academic Advising?

Send an official transcript directly from your previous institution(s) to JHU.

  • Electronic transcripts are sent through a clearinghouse used by the issuing institution (Parchment, Credentials Solutions, etc.) directly to [email protected] or JHU Admissions. This is the preferred method of receiving official transcripts. When sending an electronic transcript, be sure to use a selection that allows you to enter the correct email address.  If necessary, select the option that refers to a third-party address. Graduating Seniors may also wish to review the information on the Graduating Seniors Transcript Instructions page.
  • Mailing transcripts, while not the preferred method of receiving a transcript, should this be the only option available from the other institution, please use the following address to ensure it is delivered to the correct JHU office for processing:
    Johns Hopkins University
    Office of the Registrar
    3400 N. Charles Street
    Garland Hall, Suite 75
    Baltimore, MD 21218

Must the courses I wish to transfer match a course taught at Johns Hopkins?

Transfer courses do not have to match a currently existing JHU course. However, courses should cover topics that are broadly defined as part of the curriculum at Hopkins. More information can be found by reviewing the external credit policies in the Academic Catalog.

Who determines if my credits are transferable?

The professional advisors in the Office of Academic Advising, in conjunction with faculty, determine which courses are eligible for transfer credit toward the number of credits required for graduation.

Does Hopkins accept AP exam credits?

JHU does accept some AP exam credits, but not all. The best resource for a new student to review on this policy is in the University Catalogue. The External Credit Policies page of the catalogue addresses AP credits. There is a lot of pertinent information on this page so please read it in its entirety to be sure you understand if and how your AP credits can be utilized toward your undergraduate degree.

Will my credits from AP/IB/GCE level tests count toward the transfer credit limit?

Credits from AP/IB/GCE tests do not affect your transfer credit limit.

Can a transfer course be designated as writing intensive?

You may receive up to 6 credits writing intensive designation for courses that have already transferred.

Those who transfer to Johns Hopkins from another college or university, and Hopkins students who study abroad, may transfer writing-intensive credit for a maximum of two courses, under these conditions:

  • The course(s) in question must meet all of the criteria defined above for a writing-intensive course.
  • Students must have earned a B or higher in the course(s).

Additional resources regarding policy on Writing Intensive Credits include the Guidelines for Writing Intensive Credits page in the University Academic Catalogue, as well as, the Writing Requirements tab found on the University Writing Program website.

How do I request to Transfer “W” Credit to JHU?

If you wish to transfer “W” credit for a course that meets the above conditions, please submit your request via the Writing Credit Transfer Request form.