Incoming Transfer Students

At Johns Hopkins, there are many offices dedicated to helping transfer students succeed. Our academic advising offices understand that transfer students may have questions and concerns and aim to make their transition to Hopkins an easy one. We carefully consider each transfer applicant’s history of college courses and are pleased to provide a preliminary credit assessment.

Preliminary Transfer Credit Assessment

As a transfer applicant, you will receive a preliminary transfer credit assessment from JHU Admissions. The preliminary assessment is not an official or final evaluation and is subject to change. The role of the preliminary assessment is only to provide assistance in making your enrollment decision. If you decide to accept admission to JHU, an official credit evaluation will be completed.

Completing Your Transfer Credit Evaluation

Once you decide to accept admission to JHU, you will have an official transcript evaluation.

To finalize your transfer credit evaluation:

  1. Send an official transcript directly from your previous institution(s) to JHU. See the Transfer Courses FAQ page for detailed instructions. 
  2. Send a course description for each course to Descriptions may be copied from the institution’s schedule of classes or catalog and pasted into an email. Please try to include all of your course descriptions in a single email or Word document.
  3. Send a complete syllabus with topical breakdown for all math and chemistry courses to Be sure to indicate your name and the name of the institution clearly so we can easily match your course descriptions with your academic record.
  4. Wait for your evaluation and consultation.

University Graduation Requirements

For transfer students, at least 60 credits must be earned at Johns Hopkins University. These credits must include:

You may transfer up to 6 writing intensive credits.


  • To receive credits for AP/IB/GCE, you must submit official score reports to JHU.
  • If you enter the university with AP/IB/GCE credits for a specific course and then take an equivalent course offered by the university, your AP/IB/GCE credits are disallowed.

More information can be found by reviewing the external credit policies in the Academic Catalog.