As you navigate through your last academic year, review the appropriate tab below for useful tips and advice.


  • Plan an internship or research experience now. Experience outside the classroom is critical for your future career and academic paths. Begin your internship search with the Life Design Lab. Begin your research search with your faculty advisor, department director of undergraduate studies, or any faculty member with whom you have a great relationship.
  • Review your junior clearance feedback. By August, read the feedback in Degree Audit Communicator thoroughly. It will tell you the specific requirements that you must complete to graduate. You are responsible for completing all graduation requirements. Your participation in commencement may be hindered if you not complete or follow up on junior clearance feedback.


  • Declare all majors and minors. If a major or minor does not appear on your unofficial transcript, it is not declared.
  • Review your degree audit periodically throughout the year. Make sure all your remaining requirements are in progress, study abroad credits have been posted to your record, and any exceptions have been entered by the director of undergraduate studies for your department(s).
  • Complete your graduation checklist
  • Honors. Students may receive are a variety of honors at graduation, or join specific honor societies. Look into whether anything additional is required for you to receive honors.
  • This includes the Phi Beta Kappa National Honor Society. To be considered for the Phi Beta Kappa National Honor Society, students must not only meet the criteria laid out below, but the student’s transcript must be complete without M or I grades, must be known by the JHU community to be ethical and without a disciplinary history. Students who are selected will be notified in late-March/early-April.