Current Undergraduates

Krieger School undergraduate students who wish to take a course at another college and then transfer those credits to JHU should follow the six-step pre-approval process, detailed below.

Students are expected to obtain pre-approval before taking a course at another institution. If you have already completed a course without pre-approval, please be aware that the course may not be eligible for transfer. To have the course evaluated, follow the directions on the Incoming Freshmen page.

Please note: students who are planning to return to their home country to take a summer course must register with the Hopkins travel registry.

General Transfer Credit Information

  • Students may transfer a maximum of 12 external credits to JHU.
  • A grade of “C” or better is required to transfer the credit, but the grade will not be included in your GPA.
  • Students pursuing the pre-med track should consult with the Office of Pre-Professional Advising concerning transfer courses.
  • More information can be found by reviewing the external credit policies in the Academic Catalog.

Preapproval Process for Permission to Transfer Courses

  1. For each course you wish to have evaluated, please complete the Transfer Course Pre-Approval Request Form. Carefully check:
    • Your name and six-digit Hopkins ID.
    • The name of the host institution.
    • The number and name of the course at the host institution.
    • The course credits assigned by the host institution.
    • Whether the host institution is on a semester or quarter system.
    • If this course is a science course, does it include a lab embedded in the lecture course? If the lab is a separate enrollment, please list it on a separate form.
    • Is this course for a requirement in your major or minor?
  2. Get a printed course description and/or syllabus. A complete syllabus with topical breakdown is required for all math and chemistry courses.
  3. Get approval signatures from JHU departments, if necessary.
    • For courses in Physics, Economics, and German and Romance Languages and Literatures, you must obtain a signature from the department.
      Physics: Dr. Robert Leheny
      Economics: Dr. Bruce Hamilton
      German and Romance Languages and Literatures: appropriate language coordinator
    • For courses that count toward a major or minor, the DUS signature is needed.
    • For an elective course, no faculty advisor signature needed.
  4. Have the course evaluated by the Office of Academic Advising. Be certain that the form is complete and the course description(s)/syllabi are attached.
    • Transfer students should email their transfer advisor, as listed in Blackboard.
    • OR drop off your form at the front desk of the Office of Academic Advising, Garland third floor.
  5. After completing these steps, you will receive an email stating whether the course is approved for transfer. Please carefully review the form that is attached to the email.
  6. If your course is approved for transfer and you complete it with a grade of C or higher, you must send an official transcript to the Office of Academic Advising. See the Transfer Courses FAQ page for detailed instructions.