Scheduling Tips

What to Take

  • Now is your time to explore! Register for a course that is of special interest to you. It does not have to fulfill a requirement. Make a habit of taking one unique class each semester.
  • Choose approximately 15 courses that appeal to you so you have a backup list of courses if you do not get into your first choices.
  • Take at least one small class a semester. Small classes provide the opportunity for you and the faculty member to get to know each other. An inspiring teacher will have a huge impact on your college experience. Plus, building relationships now will make it much easier when you request letters of recommendations later.
  • Create a mix of courses that allow you to break for lunch daily, accommodate athletic practices, and spread out your class attendance over the five days of the week.
  • Graduate programs, law schools, and medical schools all want to see diverse courses among your selections. Do not overload on any one area.
  • If you do not know your AP scores yet, make your best guess as to possible scores and register.
  • Register for 12-17 total credits.
  • Your academic advisor will review your schedule in the summer and provide feedback.

Finding Inspiration

  • Review past course evaluations for ideas.
  • Consider registering for a freshman seminar course. You can find freshman courses by selecting “AS Freshman Seminars” in the Department field in the SIS Class Search.
  • If you are undecided about your major, take a few introductory-level courses in subject areas that interest you. Doing so could open the door to a major that you had never considered.
  • If you have a particular major in mind, see the sample first-semester schedules.

When to Register

  • Register on time! Popular courses tend to fill up quickly.
  • Look for courses that have open seats. You can put yourself on a waitlist, but your selections should not only consist of these courses.
  • There are some courses that will show open seats but have a waitlist. This could be one of two reasons:
    1. Seats have become available and people on the waitlist are being contacted to register for the course.
    2. The course has reserved seats for incoming freshmen students.