Junior Clearance Directions for KSAS Students Spring 2021

Starts: Monday, February 22, 2021
Deadline: Noon on Friday, April 16, 2021

You must complete this process by noon on April 16th in order to register on time. If you miss this deadline, your registration will be delayed until the second day of registration or until you have completed the process.

If you are planning to graduate after May 2022, please email your assigned academic advisor for assistance.

Please follow these steps to complete junior clearance. For additional information, see our more detailed instructions.


  • Confirm the accuracy of your full name. Check your SIS records to confirm your full name is exactly as you want it to appear on your diploma.
  • Confirm all major(s) and minor(s) you intend to complete for graduation display correctly in SIS. In SIS, go to “Registration, ” go to “Program of Study,” and make certain that the major(s)/minor(s) you intend to complete are correct.
  • Contact your faculty advisor(s) for each major and minor you intend to complete and have a meeting with them. At this meeting, chat about your plans for after graduation, review your audit together, and ask them to share your audit.
  • Review and share your degree audit. In SIS, create your degree audit and share it using the “Share” button found toward the top of your audit on the left.
  • After meeting with your faculty advisor(s), verify that each faculty adviser has shared an audit. Open your degree audit and open “Communicator” (click on the conversation symbol) to see if all of your major and or minor audits were shared.
  • Apply to graduate. Do this step last. The Graduation Application is an online form in SIS under “Registration,” then “Program of Study,” then “Apply to Graduate.” Verify the information is correct before submitting the application. All majors and minors should be correct but name changes may have not processed yet.

Questions and Concerns

Email Barbara Greenwald at KSASadvising@jhu.edu or your assigned academic advisor. Please use Junior Clearance as your email subject line.