Placement Exams


The Department of Mathematics encourages every student interested in taking a mathematics class in their first semester at Johns Hopkins to take a placement exam. Learn more about which math classes to take and math placement exams on the Department of Mathematics website.


Private instruction in voice, piano, and orchestral instruments is offered on a space-available basis at the Peabody Conservatory and Preparatory. For additional information about these options and to register for an audition, please visit the Peabody at Homewood Music Minor website.


LanguagePlacement Exam
ArabicContact Sana Jafire
ChineseExam instructions
FrenchExam instructions
GermanExam instructions
HebrewIf you have no previous work in Hebrew, take First Year Hebrew (384.115). If you have had previous work in modern Hebrew, contact Dr. Neta Stahl. If you have had previous work in Biblical Hebrew, contact Dr. Ted Lewis or Dr. Kyle McCarter.
HindiContact Dr. Radhi Datla
ItalianExam instructions
JapaneseThe placement exam will be given during the first class. Contact Dr. Yuki Johnson with questions.
KoreanContact Dr. Soo Yun Lee
LatinRegister for the course you think is most appropriate. Go to class on the first day for more placement information. Contact Professor Joshua Smith with questions.
PortugueseStudents with a background in Portuguese, Spanish, or any other Romance language are encouraged to take the placement test online. Students do not need to wait for the first day of classes. You may take the placement test on the Portuguese Program website.
RussianContact Dr. Iryna Kaplun 
SpanishExam instructions


For many science, engineering, and pre-med students, selecting a chemistry course in the fall semester can be a difficult decision. These flow charts may be helpful in selecting the appropriate course for your first year. If you do not yet have your AP/IB test score, make your best guess.

Additional chemistry information:

  • Students who received a score of 4 and who accept their AP credits may not take AS.030.102 and AS.030.106. No exceptions.
  • Students who received a score of 5 and who accept all or half of their AP credits (or IB credits) may not take AS.030.102 and AS.030.106. No exceptions.
  • AS.030.101 and AS.030.105 are only offered in the fall semester, they are NOT offered in spring.
  • AS.030.102, and AS.030.106 are only offered in the spring semester, they are NOT offered in the fall.
  • AS.030.103 is offered in the fall semester only.
  • Students who take Organic Chemistry in their freshmen year may take AS.030.227 as a freshman in fall or spring semester, but they may not take AS.030.225 in their freshmen year (though they can take it sophomore year). Freshmen strongly considering the Chemistry major and taking Organic Chemistry their first year are encouraged to take AS.030.227 in fall semester so they can take AS.030.228 in spring semester.